Legal Fees

Value for Money

Clients are entitled to value for money. We are proud of the firm’s cost-effective service and fair billing practice. Our fees reflect our significant experience in medical malpractice and other health related litigation. We are committed to providing legal services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner and are prepared to discuss our fee structure and billing practices with all prospective clients.

We recognize that some people do not have the financial resources to retain a lawyer. For this reason, the firm has flexible payment options that reflect each person’s unique case. The firm does not charge for the initial consultation.

At the same time, the firm will never sacrifice the quality of our work product. We are committed to providing exceptional legal service.

Contingency Fees

In the case of medical malpractice lawsuits, the costs to pursue these type of cases can be extraordinary. The vast majority of Canadians simply cannot pay these kind of fees out of pocket. In most cases, these type of cases are taken on a contingency basis. That means that our fees and disbursements will come out of the final settlement for a case. If the case is not successful, the client does not pay.